My guitars are generally made to order.  Sometimes I have a model in stock which wasn’t a custom order and will be available at my Online Store.  All guitars come with a complete photo album of the handmaking process of your guitar, a certificate of authenticity, and the Ameritage Gold humidity controlled case.  

Classical Guitar

Classical Guitar Bracing

My classical guitars are designed specifically for you.  There are many choices in bracing designs and wood combinations to create a custom sound.  My classical guitars have exquisite tonal balance.  Each note can be clearly heard even in chord progressions.

Dreadnought Guitar

Dreadnought Bracing

My dreadnought design comes in three different cross bracing designs.  Wood choices are always up to you but my typical dreadnoughts have cedar or mahogany necks, spruce or cedar tops, and rosewood or other dark wood back and sides.  I can also do all Australian tonewood guitars.

Kasha Guitar

Kasha Bracing

The Kasha Concert Classical design is a special model based on the research of the scientist Dr. Michael Kasha.  Besides the research publications of Dr. Kasha, I have incorporated the empirical notes of luthier Gila Eban who was kind enough to share them with me.  The bracing pattern and overall design is far from traditional and optimized for maximal frequency response and sound projection

Flamenco Bracing

Flamenco Guitar

My flamenco design comes in either a symmetric or parallel bracing structure or with a fan bracing design.  Depending on your tonal requirements I will adjust the bass/treble balance.  Wood choices are always up to you but my typical flamencos have a cedar neck, spruce tops, and cedar back+sides.